Rem® Action Cleaner

  • Overview
Rem Action & Shotgun Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Easily cleans dirt, powder residue and caked-on lubricants from disassembled actions and fire-control mechanisms (Rem Action)
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue (Rem Action)
  • Cleans trigger groups, gas ports, choke tube threading, receivers, chambers, barrels and magazine tubes (Shotgun)
  • Dissolves powder residue, fouled lubricants, burnt carbon deposits and gunk (Shotgun)
  • Blasts away gummy caked on grime from hard to reach areas such as ejectors, firing pin assemblies, trigger components and bolt recesses (Shotgun)
  • Available in: 10.5-oz. can with jet-spray extension tube (Rem Action)
  • Available in: 18-oz. aerosol can (Shotgun Cleaner)