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Express Pistol & Revolver


Every application, one brand. Remington has been making centerfire handgun ammunition longer than anyone. It should then come as no surprise that we offer the broadest line of pistol and revolver ammunition available. With loadings tailored to virtually every potential shooting application, our line includes vast choices of calibers, bullet weights, bullet styles and combinations of all these. Choose from a complete range of traditional bullet styles, as well as from some of the most sophisticated handgun bullets made. All cartridges are assembled from the highest quality components – with meticulous quality control – to assure reliability in all handgun actions.

Key Features:

  • Top quality ammunition for a broad range of applications
  • Available in the widest variety of calibers and styles, including:
    • Metal case
    • Lead round nose
    • Semi-jacketed hollow point
    • Soft point
    • Semi-wadcutter
    • Jacketed hollow point
Full Specs
CaliberIndexModelWtOrder #
45 Auto R45AP4PistolRevolver23021448
45 Auto R45AP2PistolRevolver18521456
45 Auto R45AP7PistolRevolver23021469
25 (6.35mm) Auto. R25APPistolRevolver5022200
32 S&W R32SWPistolRevolver8822204
32 S&W Long R32SWLPistolRevolver9822208
32 (7.65mm) Auto. R32APPistolRevolver7122212
357 Magnum** R357M1PistolRevolver12522216
357 Magnum** R357M2PistolRevolver15822218
357 Magnum** R357M3PistolRevolver15822220
357 Magnum** R357M5PistolRevolver15822224
357 Magnum** R357M7PistolRevolver11022228
357 Magnum** R357M10PistolRevolver18022234
9mm Luger R9MM2PistolRevolver12422240
380 Auto R380A1PistolRevolver8822246
380 Auto R380APPistolRevolver9522252
357 Sig. R357S1PistolRevolver12522258
38 S&W R38SWPistolRevolver14622276
38 Special** R38S2PistolRevolver12522282
38 Special** R38S3PistolRevolver14822284
38 Special** R38S5PistolRevolver15822288
38 Special** R38S6PistolRevolver15822290
38 Special** R38S10PistolRevolver11022298
38 Special** R38S12PistolRevolver15822300
38 Special** R38S14PistolRevolver15822304
38 Special** R38S16PistolRevolver11022310
41 Rem. Mag.** R41MG1PistolRevolver21022316
9mm Luger R9MM1PistolRevolver11528285
9mm Luger R9MM6PistolRevolver11528289
9mm Luger R9MM3PistolRevolver11528290
9mm Luger R9MM8PistolRevolver14728299
40 S&W R40SW1PistolRevolver15528347
40 S&W R40SW2PistolRevolver18028353
38 Short Colt** R38SCPistolRevolver12528368
44 S&W Special** R44SWPistolRevolver24628420
45 Colt** R45CPistolRevolver25028490
44 Rem. Mag.** R44MG2PistolRevolver24028493
44 Rem. Mag.** R44MG3PistolRevolver24028499
45 Colt** R45C1PistolRevolver22528556
44 Rem. Mag.** RH44MGAPistolRevolver27529458
357 Magnum** RH357MAPistolRevolver16529466
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued