High Terminal Performance (HTP)

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High Terminal Performance


Now is no time to compromise. Combining premium primers, brass cases and propellants with a wide assortment of bullet designs, Remington HTP gives you the confidence and instant-stopping power you need for when it matters most. Available in all major defense calibers, in standard and many +P loadings. Always be prepared with Remington HTP.

Key Features:

    Full Specs
    CaliberIndexModelWtOrder #
    357 Magnum RTP357M7Remington HTP110
    357 Magnum RTP357M10Remington HTP180
    357 Magnum RTP9MM1Remington HTP115
    357 Magnum RTP9MM6Remington HTP115
    357 Magnum RTP9MM8Remington HTP147
    38 Special RTP38S2Remington HTP125
    38 Special RTP38S12Remington HTP158
    40 S&W RTP40SW1Remington HTP155
    40 S&W RTP40SW2Remington HTP180
    41 Magnum RTP41MG1Remington HTP210
    44 Remington RTP44MG2Remington HTP240
    44 Remington RTP44MG3Remington HTP240
    45 Auto RTP45AP2Remington HTP185
    45 Auto RTP45AP7Remington HTP230
    45 Colt RTP45CRemington HTP230
    (LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued