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The all-new Remington® Model R51.™ Fine-tuned by Remington engineers to deliver intuitive shootability so you can be ready and stay safe when it matters most. Simply put, no subcompact points more naturally to get you on-target faster and neutralize the threat. With the lowest bore axis in the industry, it reduces muzzle rise by an average of 25%, meaning follow-ups are more likely to find their mark. To dramatically reduce recoil, it features an optimized grip angle and time-tested Pedersen block design. With a 3.4" barrel and smooth, rounded edges it conceals easily and deploys like lightning. The CCW trigger system is consistent, light and ultra-crisp, with a trigger guard undercut for near-zero disturbance when firing. The sub-compact frame and two flush magazines enhance conceal-ability. And it all comes with a confidence-boosting 7+1 rounds of 9mm+P. Engineered at The Rock from the industry’s most intensive R&D process, the Model R51 is the reinvention of the American subcompact and the definition of shootability.

The Remington Model R51 manufactured with pride and precision, to the exacting standards you’ve come to expect from Remington. Right here in The United States of America.

Key Features:

  • Average 25% less muzzle flip with the lowest bore axis in the industry
  • Intuitive pointing characteristics with optimized grip angle and slim, aluminum frame
  • Match-grade 3.4" barrel and bushing
  • Chambered in 9mm+p
  • Front strap checkered at 25 lpi
  • CCW trigger system
  • Positive grip safety - Safety without the secondary lever to remember under stress
  • Optimized grip angle - Reduces felt recoil and increases shootability
  • Pedersen block design - Absorbs recoil energy for reduced felt recoil
  • Light slide-racking force - Easier to rack slide to chamber rounds
  • Lowered and Flared Ejection Port
  • Ambidextrous magazine release - For right and left hand use
  • Trigger guard undercut - Allows higher hand hold for increased control
  • Two flush 7+1 magazines
Order No. Caliber Magazine Capacity Barrel Length
Twist – 1 turn in Overall Length Overall Height Barrel Material
Frame/Slide Material Grips Avg. Wt. (oz.) MSRP
96430 9MM+P 7-Round
3.4" 1-10 LH 6.625" 4.625" Stainless Aluminum/Stainless Polymer Insert
22 $420.00